Certification tourist objects “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED” according to the system will be continued

In a pandemic, of course, the main criterion influencing a tourist’s decision when choosing a travel destination, tourist facilities and services is sanitary and epidemiological safety. The system “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED” is a new system of sanitary and epidemiological safety for tourists based on world standards.

Certification of tourist objects according to the system “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED” is carried out by the State unitary enterprise “Center for сertification of tourist services”.

Certification for the provision of safe tourist services consists of two stages, firstly, the management personnel of the organization from among the middle or top level must complete a training course on the provision of safe services and pass a test, then an application must be submitted for certification for compliance with the state standard O’z DSt 37.001 “Recommendations for the provision of safe tourist services at the facilities of the tourism industry.”

Training and certification are carried out online.

Based on the positive results of certification, the facilities are issued a corresponding certificate and a special distinction “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED ”. Further, the object is included in the register of safe objects on the safetravel.uz website.

The cost of certification is 2 in the amount of the estimated base amount. The certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of its registration. The funds received for passing the voluntary certification are sent to the Safe tourism fund. There is no tuition fee.

Tourist industry objects that have expressed a desire to be included in the Register of Safe Objects can apply for certification under the “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED” on the safetravel.uz website.

Let us recall that in accordance with the Presidential Decree No. 4755 of June 19, 2020 “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED ”will be introduced without fail, and officials of tourist facilities organizations who have not passed certification under this system will be held accountable in accordance with the law.

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