Culturally favorable conditions are created for tourism workers

The Ministry of tourism and sports organizes various cultural events, theater and concert performances, sports competitions and travel to tourism destinations in order to purposefully organize the leisure time of the employees of the Ministry.

In accordance with the plan, employees of the central office of the Ministry of tourism and sports, structural divisions and the Main department of tourism and sports of Tashkent visited various cultural and art exhibitions.

In particular, the staff of the State Unitary Enterprise “Center for certification of tourist services” visited the photo exhibition “Ipak yo‘li bo‘ylab zаmоnlаr osha” and the spring vernissage organized by the French Embassy in Uzbekistan in the Tashkent House of photography.

It should be noted that the implementation of such projects provides a meaningful organization of the time of employees working in the field, as well as the basis for cultural and spiritual recreation of the industry.