The next hotels in Tashkent received the certificate “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED”

Our country, which has great potential in pilgrimage tourism, has become a favorite destination for foreign and domestic guests. Along with the ancient history and ancient traditions of Uzbekistan, safe tourism during the current pandemic is also important for visitors.

The capital hotels “Asia Tashkent” owned by “HOTEL ASIA TASHKENT” LLC and the “Arfa-AR” hotel owned by JV “ALFA AR” have been certified by the State unitary enterprise “Tourism Services certification center” according to the “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED”.

Let us recall, that in accordance with the Presidential Decree No. 4755 of June 19, 2020 “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED ”will be introduced without fail, and officials of tourist facilities organizations who have not passed certification under this system will be held accountable in accordance with the law.